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                  8.2-8.7 Xiling Yinshe 2023 Spring Auction
                  Time:2023/6/30   Author:XLPM   Source:XLPM  


                  We sincerely invite you to grace us with your presence


                  - Time -

                  Preview2-4 August (Wednesday to Friday)
                  5-7 August (Saturday to Monday)



                  - Address -

                  1st Floor  InterContinental Hotel Hangzhou
                  (No.2, Jiefang East Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province



                  - Tel -

                  +86 571 8789 6778 / 8781 2580


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                  Standing Consignments


                  Categories: Chinese paintings & calligraphy, important Chinese and international letters and manuscripts, ancient books & rubbings, Tianhuang stones, fine seals and inkstones, refined articles in the study, Chinese ceramics, classical Chinese furniture, Zisha wares, Chinese statues, Chinese coins & paper money, oil paintings & sculpture, photographs and film, illustrations & comic works, ancient jade art, contemporary jade carvings, Hetian seed jade, western antiques, jewelry, famous Chinese and foreign wine.

                  Hangzhou Headquarter

                  Address: No.127 Qingying Street, Hangzhou

                  Tel: +86 571 8789 6778 


                  Shanghai Office

                  Address: No. 36 West Fuxing Road, Shanghai

                  Tel: +86 21- 6433 8662 


                  Beijing Office

                  Address: No. 7 Dongsi Toutiao, Tongcheng District, Beijing

                  Tel+86 10 8447 7279


                  Standing consignments for Yes Auction are available

                  Address: 9th Floor, Lvdu Mansion, No.198 Zhonghe Middle Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

                  Tel: +86 571 8791 6803

                  E-mail: zj@yesauc.com