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                  Categories:Focusing on comics by masters, original works of comic strips, posters, etc.

                      Ranging from illustrations for books, comic strips to posters for revolutionary propaganda, cartoons and illustrations retains its vivid artistic style through evolvement. Being the first of its kind in China, the sale of illustrations & comics of the 7th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival in 2011 is also the 7th original sale Xiling Auction has presented. Since then, a new era for China’s cartoon auction has started. In the 2012 autumn sale, the illustrations & comics sale was 93.5% sold by lot and reached a total transaction volume of 14.4325 million yuan. A Mother and Daughter by anonymous previously collected by Yu Baishu was sold at 2.8175 million yuan after 84 competitive rounds of bids became the highlight. In 2013, Wang Hongli’s Shiwuguan was sold for 1.472 million yuan, a record of Wang’s works.

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